The Outdoor Firepit Kit


The Outdoor Gas Firepit kit creates a beautiful ambiance in your outdoor entertainment area.


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The Outdoor Gas Firepit Kit creates a beautiful ambiance in your outdoor entertainment area.
The retrofittable design of the Outdoor Firepit allows one to easily replace the burner in existing wood-burning fire pits, with very little modification to the existing structure.
The Outdoor Firepit must be installed in an outdoor area with ample ventilation

– LPGSA approved
– 24-month guarantee
– Low maintenance
– Easy to use
– Clean & efficient burning system
– Requires a gas installer for installation
– Needs to be placed into a suitable heat-resistant structure

Building Instructions:
Avoid areas where there are strong draughts, which may be generated by narrow walkways, as excessive wind could affect the correct working of the burner.

Minimum clearances:
– Above the fire pit 1500 mm
– To the sides of the fire pit 800 mm
– Underneath the fire pit 300 mm

Additional information

Assembled Size

424mm (dia)

Heating Capacity (Max)

11.4 kW/hr

BTU (Max)


Gas Consumption (Max)

0.82 kg/hr

Ignition Type

Piezo Ignitor

Burner Finish Options

Ceramic Logs, Fire Glass