About Chad-O-Chef Lifestyle Products

About us - Chad-O-Chef Lifestyle Products

We are a well-established South African manufacturer of innovative and pioneering braais and fireplaces. We have been designing and manufacturing these lifestyle products for families and friends, offering peace of mind since 1983.
We cater for the South African Market as well as for customers abroad.  We also source and distribute other brands that align with our market and quality values to diversify our product offering and ensure that we can cater for all of our customers’ needs.


Safety, Style & Quality that lasts.

Our customers’ comfort and enjoyment of life is at the heart of what we do. Safety is all important to us as we continuously grow our company’s footprint in the sustainable heating, and outdoor cooking and entertainment market.

We create renowned products by closely monitoring our customers’ needs and conducting in-depth research to guide our designs.

We are a group dedicated to innovation and excellence in the household heating and cooking industries.


Our vision is to enrich the lives of friends & families locally and internationally, by providing distinctive quality, and the best value lifestyle products.

With a focus on innovation and excellence, we aim to improve the standards of heating and outdoor cooking solutions in South Africa by perfecting our existing products and continuously developing our range to the ever-evolving needs of our consumers.

Our in-depth research and creative design methods yield unique, well planned, and steadfast products that our customers can trust for their entertainment needs.


The Chad-O-Chef factory is ISO-9001 approved, solidifying our repeatable product quality and awarding us the opportunity to improve our international footprint with dealers stocking our products abroad. Our products are all tested to SANS 1539 standards and annual reviews help us to maintain a clean burning rating, higher than the market average.

Stringent design flaw testing is carried out before a product reaches the production line. Utilizing knowledge obtained from over 40 years, we’ve achieved long-lasting products, imprinting a lasting impression of quality in our customers’ minds.


At Chad-O-Chef we value customer feedback and are never too proud to admit when improvements can be made.  We pay special attention to our customers’ needs and continuously fine-tune our products for the South African market.

We strive to improve our factory processes in order to grow and maintain our safe and effective working environment.

“There’s always a way to do it better, a designer’s duty is to find it.”

- Louis Minnaar (Director)


At the top of our list of values, we aim to conduct all business with Integrity and respect.  This helps us maintain a positive and enjoyable team environment, where our employees feel respected and therefore conduct their work with respect, spilling over into the hearts of our customers.

We aim to have fun in the workplace, whilst giving our all to maintain our high work standards.

“Our core values are at the heart of our recruitment process.”

- Liezel Andrews (Director)


Before Chad-O-Chef Lifestyle products, our first product was developed by co-founder Ronald Hollander in the 1980’s as a mere hobby.  His passion came alive as friends and family started requesting orders for his gas braais, which is when Chad-O-Chef began.  Before long, he built a team of equally passionate members which has grown into what we are today. 

At Chad-O-Chef we design and manufacture products that we love & that we believe will enrich others’ lives as much as our own. 

About us - Chad-O-Chef Lifestyle Products
About us - Chad-O-Chef Lifestyle Products