TGC 28L Gas Geyser


Chad-O-Chef Lifestyle Products are proud distributors of the TGC Gas Geyser range, nationally in South Africa and abroad.


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Enjoy an instant water heating experience with TGC Gas Geysers! This means that the cold water enters the geyser & heats up instantly whenever you turn on a hot tap. There is no need to store warm water the whole day, as we do in our old electrical geysers! You only use energy while consuming hot water & you will never run out (assuming there is no water-shedding)!

These tankless water heaters are specified by the amount of water that can be heated up per minute. The 28L is the largest TGC option and will be able to give an excellent flow to any household!

Gas Type: LPG
Rated Gas Pressure: 2.8Kpa
Input (kg/h): 3.13 kg/h
Rated Hot Water Supply: 28L/min
Rater Water Pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa
Rated Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Input: 0.3A
Solar Assist Ready

This unit requires electricity or an inline UPS to ignite.

Enjoy these benefits & more!

10-year warranty on the heat exchanger
1-year warranty on electrical components
3-year warranty on everything else
Electrical connection required (UPS, inverter, solar, or generator)
Fan Forced
Compliments Solar heating installations
Stainless steel front panel
LCD display & temperature control panel
Pre-set shower/bath temperatures
Stainless steel of flex flue
Weather cover optional. (a requirement if exposed to the elements)