TGC 12L Gas Geyser


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TGC Gas Geyser range nationally in South Africa, and abroad.

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Enjoy an instant water heating experience with TGC Gas Geysers! This means that the cold water enters the geyser & heats up instantly whenever you turn on a hot tap. There is no need to store warm water the whole day as we do in our old electrical geysers! You only use energy while consuming hot water & you will never run out!

These tankless water heaters are specified by the amount of water that can be heated up per minute. So if you plan on showering 1 at a time without turning on another faucet, the 12L will work great. If you prefer a higher flow, in a bath for instance, or you are afraid someone else might decide to wash the dishes while you are in the shower, then take a look at one of the options with a higher flow rates.

Gas Type: LPG
Rated Gas Pressure: 2.8Kpa
Input (Kg/h): 3.13 Kg/h
Rated hot water supply: 12.58 L/min
Rated Water Pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa
Rated Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Input: 0.3A

This unit requires electricity or an inline UPS.

Enjoy these benefits & more!

10-year warranty on the heat exchanger
1-year warranty on electrical components
3-year warranty on everything else
Electrical connection required (UPS, Solar, or generator)
Fan Forced
Compliments Solar heating installations
Stainless steel front panel
LCD display & temperature control panel
Pre-set shower/bath temperatures
Stainless steel of flex flue
Weather cover optional. (a requirement if exposed to the elements)

Additional information

Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 38 × 69 cm